About Us

Meology Apparel is not just about launching another t-shirt business; it's about expressing who you are in a fun, fly, and comfortable way. We wanted to create a brand that would remind you not to conform to this world we live in, but to own who you are (the good and the bad) but not without first loving yourself. 

Meology Apparel isn't just a clothing brand. It's a lifestyle. We must never stop learning ourselves and growing from our life experiences. We must never forget that we all are individuals who can define ourselves without others telling us how to live. Be you. Our brand promises to provide comfortable and great quality apparel that will make you feel good and come alive in an expressive but yet fashionable way.

 Meology - [me·ol·o·gy] n. - the study of one's self; the study of ME

Love Yourself.